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Self-Reported Test Scores

Applicants: How to Self-Report Test Scores

ACT and SAT Scores

If choosing to include ACT or SAT test scores with your application, you are encouraged to self-report your test scores.

If you apply via the Common Application (freshmen only), you can submit your scores by self-reporting in the ‘Testing’ section with all applicable test scores, as well as test score-related questions in the UW–Madison ‘Academics’ section, or by self-reporting in the MyUW Student Center (beginning mid-September, and after your application is received and processed).

If you apply via the UW System Application, you can self-report your scores using MyUW Student Center (beginning mid-September, and after your application is received and processed). You may also submit your official scores directly from the testing site.

If you wish to add updated score(s), you can do so by self-reporting in the MyUW Student Center.

To assure that your test score(s) are considered with your application, you must either self-report your scores or have official scores sent from the testing agency, received in our office by our deadlines.

Regarding Score Choice: Students choosing to include test scores with their application are encouraged to submit all exam scores. It can be a benefit to see your complete testing history as part of our comprehensive review, and since we will only consider your highest score (by test date), there is nothing to be gained by suppressing scores through Score Choice. However, applicants are free to use the College Board’s Score Choice option for the SAT and/or the similar option offered by ACT. Superscores are not considered in our review.

More information can be found by viewing the news release and our ACT/SAT Score FAQs.

TOEFL, IELTS, and DET Scores (English Language Proficiency)

We do not accept self-reported and must have official scores sent directly from the testing agency. See our How to Send Official Application Materials page for more information on how to send official scores.

Note: official test scores will be required prior to enrollment for those who wish to have them included in their application evaluation. Incorrect reporting of test scores may result in your admission offer being revoked and scholarship awards being forfeited.

Admitted Students: Sending Your Required Official Scores

ACT and SAT Scores

To be official and meet the requirement for enrollment, test scores must be sent directly from the testing service.

Our test code is 4656 for the ACT and 1846 for the SAT.

Do not send your results rush (SAT) or priority (ACT); we receive all scores electronically on a daily basis so there is not an advantage to rush or priority delivery.

Please note that sending official test scores from the testing agency does have an additional cost and will add 2–4 weeks to the application completion process.

Note: We require the full test record for each and every score that was reported on the application. If you reported multiple scores, or multiple tests, all official scores for those sittings must be submitted to complete your file and be eligible to enroll. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I view which scores I self-reported?

You can view the scores you self-reported by logging into your MyUW Student Center, selecting the Admissions tile, and clicking “Enter Self-Reported Test Scores”.

If I provided scores from different test dates, do I need to send all my scores?

Yes, for all test dates that you self-reported a score or sub-score, you will need to submit the full battery of scores for each of those testing dates.

Why am I being asked to provide official scores?

While we allow applicants to self-report their scores for an admission decision, official scores are required to reconcile and verify that your self-reported scores are accurate, as indicated throughout the application process.

What if I do not supply official scores?

If you have been prompted to provide official test scores and fail to do so by the deadline, you will have an enrollment hold on your record and will not allowed to enroll in course work at UW–Madison.

What if I took new exams since self-reporting and want those included too?

You are welcome to submit official scores for any testing date, as long as all scores you self-reported are also sent officially.

How long does it take for your office to receive my scores after I send them?

The Office of Admissions and Recruitment receives scores electronically on a regular basis. The amount of time it takes to receive and load scores can vary depending on testing agency. It could take from 2–4 weeks from the time a student requests scores for them to be sent and received by our office.

What should I do if my score is cancelled?

You should submit the proof of cancellation and letter of explanation to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment for review. An admissions counselor will follow up with next steps as needed.


What if my official scores do not match my self-reported scores?

If your self-reported scores do not match your official scores, an admissions counselor will follow up if there are concerns about next steps.