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Our admissions team is here to connect with our network of counselors in high schools, colleges, and community organizations as you assist students who are interested in UW–Madison.

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County First-Year Counselor Transfer Counselor
Adams Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Ashland Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Barron Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Bayfield Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Brown Kayla Jensen Katie Seibel
Buffalo Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Burnett Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Calumet Renee Koerner Katie Seibel
Chippewa Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Clark Emily Brix Katie Seibel
Columbia Lori Christianson Lori Christianson
Crawford Michael Rutkowski Lori Christianson
Dane Emilie Dickson Joshua Rybaski
Dodge Lori Christianson Lori Christianson
Door Kayla Jensen Katie Seibel
Douglas Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Dunn Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Eau Claire Nicole Valk Katie Seibel
Florence Bobbie Jean Huerth Katie Seibel
Fond du Lac Renee Koerner Katie Seibel
Forest Gabby Knauer Katie Seibel
Grant Michael Rutkowski Lori Christianson
Green Michael Rutkowski Lori Christianson
Green Lake Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Iowa Michael Rutkowski Lori Christianson
Iron Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Jackson Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Jefferson Joi Adams Vianey Hernández
Juneau Sam Thompson Katie Seibel
Kenosha Joi Adams Vianey Hernández
Kewaunee Kayla Jensen Katie Seibel
La Crosse Micki Nordeen Katie Seibel
Lafayette Michael Rutkowski Lori Christianson
Langlade Gabby Knauer Katie Seibel
Lincoln Gabby Knauer Katie Seibel
Manitowoc Renee Koerner Katie Seibel
Marathon Emily Brix Katie Seibel
Marinette Kayla Jensen Katie Seibel
Marquette Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Menominee James Flores Katie Seibel
Milwaukee Froylan Hernandez Vianey Hernández
Monroe Micki Nordeen Katie Seibel
Oconto Kayla Jensen Katie Seibel
Oneida Gabby Knauer Katie Seibel
Outagamie Renee Koerner Katie Seibel
Ozaukee Micki Nordeen Vianey Hernández
Pepin Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Pierce Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Polk Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Portage Emily Brix Katie Seibel
Price Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Racine James Flores Vianey Hernández
Richland Michael Rutkowski Lori Christianson
Rock Emilie Dickson Joshua Rybaski
Rusk Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Sauk Lori Christianson Lori Christianson
Sawyer Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Shawano Kayla Jensen Katie Seibel
Sheboygan Renee Koerner Katie Seibel
St. Croix Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Taylor Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Trempealeau Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Vernon Emilie Dickson Lori Christianson
Vilas Gabby Knauer Katie Seibel
Walworth Joi Adams Vianey Hernández
Washburn Megan Thompson Katie Seibel
Washington Micki Nordeen Vianey Hernández
Waukesha Micki Nordeen Vianey Hernández
Waupaca Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Waushara Emilie Dickson Katie Seibel
Winnebago Renee Koerner Katie Seibel
Wood Emily Brix Katie Seibel

Domestic US (non-Wisconsin)

State Territories First-Year Counselor Transfer Counselor
Alabama Renee Koerner Vianey Hernández
Alaska Sarah Woller  Alyssa Watts Ransom
Arizona Micki Nordeen Lori Christianson
Arkansas Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
California Nicole Valk Alyssa Watts Ransom
Colorado Micki Nordeen Lori Christianson
Connecticut Nicole Shelley Katie Seibel
Delaware Emma Sutkay Vianey Hernández
Florida Katie Dunagan Vianey Hernández
Georgia Joi Adams Vianey Hernández
Hawaii Kayla Jensen Alyssa Watts Ransom
Idaho Micki Nordeen Lori Christianson
Illinois Dupage, Will, Southern & Western Cook County Emily Hahlbeck Arriana Dawidziak
City of Chicago Ketzhally Lopez Arriana Dawidziak
McHenry, Kane, Northern Lake Counties Emily Brix Arriana Dawidziak
Northern Cook & Southern Lake Counties Camille Walter Arriana Dawidziak
Greater Illinois Nate Rosenberg Arriana Dawidziak
Indiana Nate Rosenberg Arriana Dawidziak
Iowa Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Kansas Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Kentucky Nate Rosenberg Arriana Dawidziak
Louisiana Renee Koerner Vianey Hernández
Maine Nicole Shelley Katie Seibel
Maryland Emma Sutkay Vianey Hernández
Massachusetts Nicole Shelley Katie Seibel
Michigan Nate Rosenberg Arriana Dawidziak
Minnesota Anoka, Carver, Dakoa, Scott, Washington, Wright Counties Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Hennepin County excluding Minneapolis Michael Rutkowski Arriana Dawidziak
Ramsey County and Minneapolis Renee Koerner Arriana Dawidziak
Greater Minnesota Michael Rutkowski Arriana Dawidziak
Mississippi Renee Koerner Vianey Hernández
Missouri Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Montana Micki Nordeen Lori Christianson
Nebraska Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Nevada Emilie Dickson Alyssa Watts Ransom
New Hampshire Nicole Shelley Katie Seibel
New Jersey Emilie Dickson Joshua Rybaski
New Mexico Emilie Dickson Lori Christianson
New York Boroughs Nicole Shelley Alyssa Watts Ransom
Long Island Megan Thompson Alyssa Watts Ransom
Manhattan Nicole Shelley Alyssa Watts Ransom
Upstate New York Emilie Dickson Alyssa Watts Ransom
Westchester County Emilie Dickson Alyssa Watts Ransom
North Carolina Renee Koerner Vianey Hernández
North Dakota Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Ohio Nate Rosenberg Arriana Dawidziak
Oklahoma Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Oregon Sarah Woller  Alyssa Watts Ransom
Pennsylvania Nate Rosenberg Vianey Hernández
Rhode Island Nicole Shelley Katie Seibel
South Carolina Renee Koerner Vianey Hernández
South Dakota Gabby Knauer Arriana Dawidziak
Tennessee Nate Rosenberg Arriana Dawidziak
Texas Jared Fuller Lori Christianson
Utah Micki Nordeen Lori Christianson
Vermont Nicole Shelley Katie Seibel
Virginia Emma Sutkay Vianey Hernández
Washington Sarah Woller  Alyssa Watts Ransom
Washington D.C. Emma Sutkay Vianey Hernández
West Virginia Emma Sutkay Vianey Hernández
Wyoming Micki Nordeen Lori Christianson

International (non-China)

International Region First-Year Counselor Transfer Counselor
Africa Anna Bryan Arriana Dawidziak
Caribbean Sam Thompson Arriana Dawidziak
Central & South America Sam Thompson Vianey Hernández
East Asia Emily Hahlbeck Alyssa Watts Ransom
Eastern Europe Anna Bryan Lori Christianson
Middle East Sam Thompson Alyssa Watts Ransom
North America (Canada) Emily Hahlbeck Katie Seibel
South Asia Sarah Woller Alyssa Watts Ransom
Southeast Asia & Oceania Jared Fuller Alyssa Watts Ransom
Western Europe Katie Dunagan Lori Christianson