Connections Program


Students who accept admission to the UW–Madison Connections Program agree to meet the following requirements:

  1. Submit the UW–Madison Connections Program Agreement.
  2. Complete 54 transferable credits within three years at the chosen partner campus. These credits may include AP, IB, college credit earned while still in high school, or summer courses taken at approved post-secondary institutions.
  3. Satisfy UW–Madison’s General Education Requirements with the exception of Communication Part B. These requirements include:
    • Communication Part A (3 credits)
    • Quantitative Reasoning Parts A and B (6 credits)
    • Natural Science (4–6 credits)
    • Humanities/Literature/Arts (6 credits)
    • Social Studies (3 credits)
    • Ethnic Studies (3 credits)
  4. Earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 each term. (Specific major/program admission requirements may be higher than a 2.0 GPA. Review our entrance requirements for undergraduate majors for more information.)
  5. Complete the Connections Program Transition Checklist and submit it along with required documents (official transcripts, AP score reports, etc.).

Upon fulfilling these requirements, students transition directly to UW–Madison without completing a separate application for admission.



All of the University of Wisconsin Colleges two-year campuses participate in the UW–Madison Connections Program, as do three of the UW four-year campuses and several technical and tribal colleges.

Partner campuses include:

For more information, contact:

UW–Madison Connections Program
702 W. Johnson Street, Suite 1101
Madison, WI 53715