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Defer FAQs

What Does a Defer Decision Mean?

Students who receive a defer decision are neither admitted nor denied.

Receiving this decisions means that you have the potential for success at UW–Madison. However, we would like to review your updated grades before making a final decision.


What Can/Should I Do After Receiving a Defer Decision?

First-Year Students: We highly recommend that you self-report your mid-year semester grades. Self-reported grades are the primary factor in the consideration of your admissions review.

Transfer Students: You should plan to supplement your application by submitting your final grades for the current term as soon as they are available.

You will receive additional information via email prompting you to self-report your grades and share any additional information for consideration at that time.


When Will I Know if I’m Admitted?

First-Year Students: You will receive a decision on or before March 31, along with our Regular Decision applicants.

Transfer Students: You will receive a decision once your final grades are self-reported for the current term and reviewed by our office.


What Do You Consider When Reviewing an Applicant Who Has Received a Defer Decision?

The most important thing we consider is your self-reported grades.


Can I Provide Additional Materials for Consideration?

Please do not send any additional documents unless specifically requested, as we are unable to accept them and they will not impact your decision.

When self-reporting your grades, you will have the opportunity to share any additional information at that time. Please note that this form can only be submitted once.


Can I Change My Major? Will It Help My Chances?

We are unable to accept major change requests for deferred students. If admitted, you will be able to change your major at that time or work with your advisor to pursue a different major during your Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program this summer.


I received a defer decision, and I opted not to send my ACT/SAT scores when I applied. Now I would like to provide scores. How do I do that?

Once you have received an initial decision, you may send your official scores directly from the testing agency.

How can I submit new or updated ACT or SAT scores for consideration?

You may send updated or new, official scores directly from the testing agency.