How to Self-Report Courses in Progress

NOTE: You will only be able to submit this report once. Be sure that everything is included, as you will not be able to make any changes or additions after submitting. If you have made an error or need to make an update, please email

Self-Reporting Courses in Progress

Step 1: Log in to MyUW and click on the Admissions tile.

Screenshot of my UW Student Center illustrating instructions

If you do not see the Applicant Homepage view, select the down arrow next to “Student Center” in the red bar at the top and select “Applicant Homepage.”

Step 2: Selecting the “Report Grades” link will bring up the window in which you can self-report your courses in progress and grades.

Screenshot of Student Center showing Report Grades Link

Step 3: Report your courses and grades EXACTLY as they appear on your transcript.

Screenshot of my UW Student Center illustrating instructions

Step 4: If you wish to include any additional information regarding your courses in progress, please include them in the box below under “Please provide any comments or explanations you would like to accompany your report of courses in progress.